Why we produce quality, high-value video for social media.

It’s a basic fact that video is almost an essential in social media campaigns. You’re sure to have seen the stats – any visual content is over 40 times more likely to be shared across social media. And, it’s predicted that by 2022, video will account for over 20% of all consumer internet traffic.

Video drives conversions and supercharges search performance.

Why Kinematiks can help

Just because it’s becoming an essential, it doesn’t mean just any old video will do.

Often a video will have a good story to tell, but is confusing, poorly thought out and not well-executed.  Alternatively, it may have glossy, high, production values, but lacks the substance of a compelling offer – short on concept and planning.

We care about video

Kinematiks put the same thought and attention to detail, into a short-form video for Twitter or Facebook as we do into full-length features.

Social media films may be short and inexpensive but they are vitally important to you – the client.