‘You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression’ – it may be a cliché but it’s true.

Presentations and slideshows are critical to business, sales, training and education. They deserve your best material.

Powerpoint can be your friend

It’s easy to knock Powerpoint, but it’s just a tool – and a pretty powerful one at that.  When you see that tool used properly they effect can be engaging  and compulsive.

It’s not the only presentation platform of course, and we use a whole range, often mixing and matching into one seamless, attention-grabbing show.

Tips for a knockout presentation

Using a professional presentation studio (like Kinematiks we hope!) helps avoid most of the usual pitfalls, but the surefire key to success is preparation.  The work you put in at the start.

So here are our 7 tips to laying down the fundamentals.
  1. Be clear what you want to say – sounds obvious, right? But it’s easy to get hung up on the data and forget that you have ‘One Big Awesome Message’ to get over.
  2. Your slide presentation is NOT a script! It’s meant to support the speaker. Don’t start writing everything you want to say, and then try to turn that into slides.
  3. DO write a script – that’s what you’re going to say – NOT what will appear on the slides. But essential for creating the presentation structure
  4. Create a storyboard – draw a series of matchbox-sized rectangles and use these to write the key points for your slides
  5. Remember it’s Speaker Support. You want your audience to be focussed on the speaker – not reading the slides.
  6. Use all the above to brief your presentation director
  7. Get a bare-bones presentation built to see if it all hangs together.  The days of throwing a slideshow together the night before the presentation (or worse, on the way to the venue) should be long gone.


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Speaker support presentation turned into self-running video.