How do we communicate complicated ideas and concepts quickly and easily?

Business is becoming increasingly complex, and people have little time on their hands.  Visuals, especially moving animations and film can help convey ideas, quickly and easily.

Television has always had the advantage over other media in that it could demonstrate.  What would take at least a page of printed text can be conveyed in a few seconds of a well designed commercial.

Technical explanations, how-to instructions, product benefits, financial demonstrations, comparisions and changes over time… just a few items where animated narratives can score every time.

Beyond the elevator pitch

We’ve all all worked on the old elevator pitch – but imagine how much more effective it would be with images, film, location action.

Check out the tool-box

We’ve got a whole catalogue of approaches.  Suit the style to your subject.

  • Cartoon – fun and engaging
  • Whiteboards – intrigue as you explain
  • Live action – nothing like seeing the real thing
  • Motion graphics – cost effective alternatives to filmed video
  • Animated infographics – moving and building