Animated logos are a great way to highlight your brand and increase memorability.

What’s special about animated logos?

One answer is simple – ‘Time’.  When you see a static logo, you capture it in a glance and move on – gone in a fraction of a second.

But with an animation viewers tend to watch the movement to ‘see what happens’. Sometimes this may be up to 10 seconds – long enough for the brand image to really register.

Dwelling on the brand gives the memory more time to encode it and improves memorability, retention and recall.

Added dimensions

We all want people to instantly recognise our brand. The more times they see the brand identity the better.

But the mind encodes and stores information in multiple modalities.  The more dimensions we can give to our brand collateral, the better.

Any brand identity usually has one dimension – visual.  But you can add others, movement is an obvious choice, but an animated logo can also incorporate sound – music, a slogan or jingle.

It’s all about emotion

Movement easily stimulates feelings. That’s why a host of top brands use animated content to involve their audiences.

If you want to make the case for a product or service, what better way to keep theaudience engaged than with a visually and emotionally stimulating motion graphic.