Time to kickstart your marketing communications – and time to learn our 7 smart ways to recycle content.

You want to raise awareness of your business, capture the attention of new customers and give them some useful and relevant content.

Most important, you want more traffic and new leads. But that seems like a lot of work creating new content.

The good news is, you’ve probably got a lot of the content already – you just need to revise, refresh and repurpose it.


So here they are, 7 smart ways to recycle content.

1. Turn blog posts into videos.

Take an existing post and convert it into a video. Videos have been proven to grab more attention and are more likely to be viewed on social media.

You can add them to your site, and, of course, publish on YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, start one today – remember, it’s the second biggest search engine after Google.

2. Recycle posts as Podcasts.

Podcasts are back with a vengeance. If your post is long enough, you’ve probably got a script there already. If not, take a look at how you could combine some posts together under a single topic.

You’ll find there are whole new audiences out there who love to listen to audio broadcasts.

3. Re-purpose slide presentations as video

If you regularly present to groups, you’ve probably already got a stack of slide presentation. Consider adding a voiceover to tie the slides together – you may already have your script notes from your presentation. If it’s more appropriate, perhaps onscreen captions will work well.

4. Turn your slide presentations into on-demand webinars.

Moving on from No. 3 above. Take your new video and turn it into an on-demand webinar. Your’e now just one step away from making it the basis of an online course. You can offer this as a free traffic magnet, lead-page content or start selling course content.

5. E-books

If you already have enough post content on a particular subject, consider editing them together into a short e-book? You don’t need thousands of words for short punchy topic guide.

E-books make great added value on a site or click-magnets to acquire new subscribers.

6. Turn content into infographics

This can be a great use of content that has a lot of data in it. A good place to start might be slide presentations you have created, or any blog post with plenty of useful facts and figures.

Not a visual person? Well, there’s plenty of software out there and even online sites such as Canva to help spark your ideas and make building easy.

7. Build a daily or weekly email series

Have you got some good content that you could chop up into small digestible chunks?

Listicles are ideal for this. This post for example, could make a whole week of bite-size emails – or 7 weekly emails.

You can make them more striking as simple graphics, or my favourite approach (obviously) is to split them into very short video animations

We’re all busy, but new, or newly presented content, is vital. Recycling or re-purposing is a great timesaver!

If you want some help or advice with turning your archives into shiny new content – we’re here to help!