Take a look at our new spring showreel. A snapshot of some of the work we’ve been doing for clients over recent months.


Animated logos

Still a great way to establish your brand or corporate signature. Unlike static brand images will hold peoples’ attention for a few seconds longer – allowing them to process and promote recall. We love creating these little powerballs.
Check out our animated logo page for more on this.

Explainer videos

We love these. They’re useful for conveying a concept, not as dry text, but as a story or narrative.  They can help communicate ideas and propositions in an engaging manner. Like all stories, they have the advantage of holding the viewer’s attention while they wait to see, ‘what happens next’.

See more of our thinking here.

Slide presentations and beyond

Vital for internal and external presentrations and communications.

Training and learning crucially needs good, absorbing presentations with clarity and pace.

We’re on a bit of a crusade to shine a new light on AV communications.  Conferences and workshops can cost tens of thousands of pounds to stage, delegates pay hundreds to attend – yet often the presentations can look badly thought out, boring and confusing.